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Sarah Whitton , (nee Rogers)  is an award-winning artist who is happy working in a variety of media.  


She uses photography as a means of visual note-taking and recording, and painting to express more complex ideas.  She spent her early years in Nigeria and then many years travelling between England and West Australia.The diversity of these environments has profoundly affected the way she looks at the world.


She studied Fine Art at Leeds before employing her creative talents as a leading Costume Designer in T.V., Theatre and Film.  After a career change into Art Teaching, she has finally achieved her long standing ambition of becoming a full-time artist, and is now passionately pursuing Art down its many avenues.

She recently moved in to a new studio in an old Yorkshire woollen mill which is extensive enough to accommodate her large multi-panel works. As well as her oil painting she continues to enjoy photography and developing her repertoire of printing skills. 

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